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Beavers is the start of the Scouting adventure for most of our members, our core ages are 6 - 8. 

At Beavers we introduce you to the fun and excitement of Scouting, so you might be finding out about maps one week, or learning about Scouting in a different country the next. You'll also get to escape Mum and Dad at a nights away event - it might be a themed sleep over or you might be spending your first night in a tent sharing the excitment with the rest of your friends from Beavers.

As a Beaver you'll join one of our two Beaver Colonies which meet on Thursdays during term time from 5.00 to 6.15 pm.  As well as your normal meetings and camps to look forward to, there are also days out to keep you busy.  Sometimes you'll just be going with other Beavers from 1st Beckermet, or you might get to make new friends on trips with other Beavers from our District or County.  There will even be chances to do activities with the Cubs and Scouts so you can see what exciting adventures are waiting for you when you move up!

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