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Enjoyed your time in Beavers but ready for some new adventures and harder challenges?  Welcome to Cubs!  We do all the fun and exciting things you did at Beavers, but we also introduce some new challenges and activities to get you ready for Scouts.  Our core ages are 8 - 10½.

We'll build on the skills you learnt at Beavers and introduce you to some new ones. It might be learning how to tie your own woggle out of rope to show which "Six" you belong to.  Or you might be carving a work of art out of soap!

We spend plenty of time outdoors and because you're older, our adventures get bigger and our camps get longer so there's more time for exploring, doing activities and staying up late!

If you're up for the adventure, you'll join Cub Packs - they meet on Thursdays nights during term time, from 6:30 - 8pm.  And there's more to Cubs than your weekly meeting or going on camp.  There are days out with other Cubs (and possibly even Scouts or Explorers) from the District and County, and chances to join-up with our Scouts to do some of the more adventurous activities like canoeing or learning survival skills!

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