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Do I have to wear a uniform?

The Scout association is a uniformed organisation and all our members (adults and young people) wear uniform.


What’s the uniform for Beavers?

Beavers wear a turquoise blue sweatshirt and the Group necker.  There is also an optional polo shirt and cap that they can wear.


What’s the uniform for Cubs?

Cubs wear a dark green sweatshirt and the Group necker.  There is also an optional polo shirt that they can wear.


What’s the uniform for Scouts?

Scouts wear a teal shirt, the Group necker, navy blue activity trousers and a Scout belt.  Most Scouts choose to wear a t-shirt under their uniform shirt so they can take-off their uniform shirts for games.


What's the Group “necker”?

The Group “necker” is the scarf that all of our members wear to show that we’re part of 1st Beckermet.  It’s black with a maroon border.


Where can I buy uniform?

We keep a stock of most uniform items. Please download an order form from the Downloads page and hand it to your leader.  If we don't have an item in stock we can order it in from Scout Shops for you.


Are there other Scouting accessories I can buy?

Yes, as well as the core uniform, there's a whole host of other branded clothing and accessories that you can buy.  Have a look at the Scout Shops website we don't keep these items in stock but we can order them for you. 

(You can order direct from Scout Shops yourself, but if you're able to wait for us to order for you - you'll save on P&P and you'll also help us as our District gets a percentage of the profits from the sales, which helps to subsidise events like District Camp.)


What badges can I earn?

There are loads of badges you can earn.  Some of them you'll do as part of your normal section meetings and camps, but there are others you can work on at home. 

Important: if you are planning to work towards a badge at home, please, please, please talk to your section leader before you start.  This means we can tell you if we're planning to do it as part of our programme, and once you've completed it we'll hopefully have the badge in stock!  (Also, for some of the badges we need to agree what you're going to do to make sure it will count.)

Click on the links below to find out more about the different badges.  We work towards the Challenge badges and some of the activity badges as part of our planned programmes.



I've lost a badge, can I buy another one?

We can provide replacements for most badges, please speak to your section leader.  Some badges that commemorate special events are limited edition, unfortunately this means we might not be able to replace these - although we'll try our best.  There is normally a small charge (around £1) for replacement badges, although some "special" badges may be a bit more. 


I’m moving section – which badges do I move to my new uniform?

Please don’t move any badges until you’ve been invested and made your Promise in your new section! 

Once you’ve made your promise, these badges can all move to your new uniform:

  • the World Membership Badge (the purple & silver round one worn on the left breast),

  • the Group name tape (worn at the top of your right sleeve)

  • the County and District badges (worn under the Group name tape).

You can also move the highest joining in award that you’ve earned (the little square badge with a numbered star worn above the World Membership Badge).

If you’ve earned any staged activity badges, for example musician or nights away, you can move the highest level of each of badge on to your new uniform.  (The staged activity badges are the round, turquoise badges with a dark blue border worn on the left sleeve).

If you’re moving to Cubs from Beavers, then you can wear your Chief Scout’s Bronze on your Cub uniform until you earn your Silver Award.  If you’re moving to Scouts, then you can wear your Chief Scout’s Silver Award on your Scout uniform until you earn your Gold Award.


I’m moving section – what do I do with all my other badges?

In truth, that’s entirely up to you!  We’d suggest putting them on a badge blanket that you can bring to camp.  (What goes on a badge blanket is entirely up to you but it gives you a place to show off all your old Beaver/Cub/Scout badges, badges from special events, campsites or places we visit, and any other badges that you might collect!)

Where do I put my badges? Click below for badge diagrams.

Scout 2nd year joining_in_badge
Where can I buy uniform?
Badge Placement
I’m Moving Section ?
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